NJ Diner Placemat Advertising

Empress-Diner-2012Diner placemat advertising allows you to reach tens of thousands of potential customers for less than a penny per ad! Have you ever sat in a diner waiting for your food and read the ads on the placemat? People will choose to read your ad simply because it’s right in front of them, staring them in the face. These people will most likely be from the same or surrounding community and will be familiar with your business location.

• High Visibility – Your ad is viewed by thousands of customers
• All Ads Are Exclusive – Only one ad for each type of business
• Targeted Market – Customers usually live locally within the area
• Exposure Time – Customers view ads for approximately 15 minutes
• Repetition – Your ad is seen over and over again each time the customer visits restaurant
• Your ad is printed in Full Color
• Your ad can be made into a coupon so you can track the response
• Graphic design and printing included in the price. No hidden costs