Every Door Direct Mail- EDDMdirect-mail-advertising

Have your message land directly into the hands of your target audience with our full Every Door Direct Mail service.

Every Door Direct Mail is a service provided by the US Postal Service. It’s a cost effective way to saturate your local area without the need to purchase a mailing list.

You choose your carrier routes by zip code and then  choose either residential only or residential and businesses combined.  They offer this service for a flat postage rate of .176 cents per postcard.

Every Door Direct Mail is a cost effective way to saturate an area for a new business, promote a sale or new product or just brand exposure.

We will design, print and mail your postcards. We will also help with town and carrier route selection. A mailing can be done all at one time or monthly to fit your budget. It’s completely flexible.

Every Door Direct Mail can be used for any kind of business from Car Dealerships and Gyms to Restaurants and Home Improvement Companies.

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